Charlecote Mill

Charlecote Road, Hampton Lucy, United Kingdom
Posted on 2nd March 2016 / 920 Listing verified as genuine
Site Type : Relic
Industry Type : Agricultural, Manufacturing
Power Type : Water
Public or Private Site? : Public Access
Condition : Restored

Charlecote Mill is the last working watermill in Warwickshire!

It is a unique and largely unspoilt watermill with 2 undershot waterwheels which power 3 pairs of working stones.

Charlecote mill is believed to date from 1752 and is one of the few traditional watermills still running as a commercial mill, producing up to 60 tons of flour a year!

“Charlecote is a piece of living working history and one of only a small handful of surviving commercial working watermills in the UK.  Producing traditionally stoneground flours through French Burr Stones every weekday (when the water levels allow), the mill is a constant hive of activity but retains all the atmosphere and charm of a mill run in Victorian times.”

Open to the public on the second Sunday of the month, between April and October, and bank holidays – see their website for more details HERE!

They point out that contrary to popular belief, lots of water is not what a water mill needs!  With its 18 foot undershot waterwheels, the mill needs just the right balance.  Too little and there is not enough power to turn the wheels.  Too much and the wheels get “bogged down” with the paddles trying to lift the water that cannot drain away fast enough.


Charlecote Mill, Charlecote Road, Hampton Lucy, Nr Warwick, CV35 8BB

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