Advertising on GooseyGoo is easy!


Basic listings for Relics and Organisations on the Industrial Explorer Map are FREE.

All Campaigns oin the Preservation Hub are FREE!

Featured Item Packages (FIP) and Premium Item Packages (PIP) are available for Relics and Organisations on the Exploration Guide and advertising slots are available around the site.

Please read the guides below for full details and email to discuss and advertise.

Promote your sites on the map

There are 3 options:

A FREE item package

A Featured item package (FIP), and

A Premium item package (PIP).

Free listings for Relics and Organisations

The basic listing includes:

  1. A basic pin on the industrial relics map in the site type colour; Silver for a relic vertical-silver-grey-pin-1and green one for an organisationvertical-green-pin-2
  2. Inclusion in the Near Me widget results
  3. Up to 4 standard images, one of which may also be selected as the Main image.
  4. A short (but good) description, that is subject to alterations by the GooseyGoo Team.
  5. The GooseyGoo Team will set the GooseyGoo rating and comment.

You may pay to have your listing upgraded to become a Featured Site by paying for the Featured Item Package (FIP) or the Premium Item Package (PIP). Enhancing a listing on the Industrial Explorer Map would be of particular interest to:

Organisations/ Visitor Centre Managers,   Event Managers,  Campaigners,   Employers,   Training establishments and ‘Friends of’ Groups etc

Featured Item Package (FIP)

This package includes:

  1. You get this pin  Green-favourite-green-star-pininstead of a basic pin on the map!
  2. Inclusion in the prominent Featured Sites carousels.
  3. Inclusion in the Featured Items Widget on relevant individual item pages.
  4. The ability to set the GooseyGoo Star Rating with a Comment (which differs from the visitor-review rating).
  5. You can have up to 8 good quality images in your gallery.
  6. The inclusion of links in the description back to your own website
  7. The inclusion of additional specific information such as postcode for SAT NAV or opening times etc
  8. The inclusion of online offers, eg discount codes etc
  9. The freedom to edit and alter.
  10. The inclusion of your logo in the description box.
  11. You may provide your own unique icon for the centre of the pin.
  12. You can include a video.
  13. You can remove unwanted peer reviews from your page.
  14. You have the ability to reply to reviews.

As a paying customer, you also receive extra special treatment by the GooseyGoo team!

  1.  Your page on GooseyGoo will get specific (paid) marketing campaigns set up
  2. Your page will also be subject to the GooseyGoo SEO optimisation process . Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to compete online with other pages.
  3. Your scheduled events for the year will be added to the GooseyGoo events guide, with a link to your page and or website.
  4. Your events will also receive additional marketing by the GooseyGoo team.
  5. We will honk about you to boost your exposure!

The Featured Item Package lasts for a year and costs £60, so the equivalent of £5 a month

Select this option in the Add an Item screen, follow the instructions and pay by PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account for this).

Alternatively, contact to discuss the package and arrange payment by post or by bank transfer.

GooseyGoo is committed to supporting preservation and therefore the Campaigns are always FREE to add.

They will only expire and disappear from the map when you inform us that it is over!

The campaigns Package includes:

1. A basic pin on the Preservation Hub Map.

2. Up to 8 standard images. You must own or have the right to use them.

3. Inclusion in the Near Me and Near Here results.

4. A description of your campaign, but it may be edited by the GooseyGoo Team.

5. You may include links to your website or Facebook page in the description.

6. You may include an event in your description.

7. You may include address, Sat Nav and contact details in your description.

8. You may include your logo if you have one in the description.

9. You can include a video!

10. You may reply to reviews and comments.

Select Campaign on the + Add an Item screen and follow the instructions!

If you happen to have a budget for advertising or marketing, then you may wish to purchase an advertising slot on the website in order to draw additional attention to your campaign.

Place your advertisement on GooseyGoo

Accommodation Providers – Hotels | B&Bs | Campsites

Service Providers – Consultants | Specialists | Conservators | Cafe’s!

Your advert would appear on the right hand side of a page, aka the sidebar.

You may specify which region or counties it in appears if necessary as well, so when people are browsing relics or organisations or events or anything in your area, then your advert will come up to remind the browsers that your are near there.

Your advert (image) is also a click-through link, which will open up your website when clicked! This will obviously bring people browsing sites in your area to your website, which has got to be good!

You will need to email us your advert (dimensions below) to

We will email you an invoice (using the PayPal service) and then add your advert to GooseyGoo.

Dimensions (px):

550 × 412

The advert lasts for one year and costs £5 per month (so £60 per year).  You can pay monthly or annually, up to you.

You will be notified by email a week before expiry, just in case you wish to renew.

And of course we are always here should you wish to change/ update your advert throughout the year!

An advertising carousel is situated above the footer on the two main Map pages;

Industrial Explorer Map

Preservation Hub

They are on a slow auto scroll and could include your advertisement. It’s a prime position because browsers always navigate back to the main map pages and your advert will be there!

Your advert will also be a click-through linking directly to your website, so that will drive traffic to your site so you can properly explain what you do!

Obviously your intentions and images must meet our ethical policy and to be of maximum effect be relevant to the users of the GooseyGoo website.

We reserve the right to refuse an advert based on its appearance!

You will need to email us your advert (dimensions below) to


550 x 412 px

The advert lasts for one year and costs £60.

We will invoice you by email (using PayPal) and put the advert and link on GooseyGoo for you.

We will notify you by email a week before your advert is due to expire should you wish to renew. And of course, we are always here should you wish to change your advert at any time throughout the year!

This is the most bold – the Static Advert in a permanent location.

A static Advert in a permanent location on any one of the 4 map pages. You may specify which page you’d like your advert to reside upon.

There are only two of these slots available per map page at any one time.

There are a range of sizes that we can use, such as;

250 x 260 px

250 x 250 px

600 x 400 px

550 × 412 px

The advert will remain in position for one calendar month or 30 days, whichever is the greater and will cost £250 (includes VAT)


Everyone will see your advert everytime they are on the page that your have chosen!

This is insane – taking over a banner with your image!

This is a static advert in a fixed location on any one of the 4 map pages. You may specify which page you’d like your advert to reside upon.

The size required is

1800 x 180 px

The advert will remain in position for one calendar month or 30 days, whichever is the greater and will cost £500 (includes VAT)


This will have a drastic effect on the appearance of the site, but what an impact! Wowsers!