Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Maryann Soper BSc (hons) MAMaryann Soper BSc (hons)

Founder & Director

Having grown-up in the heart of the Clay Country in Cornwall, Maryann has always loved industrial history. Since having a child she has automatically become a bossy parent earnestly trying to explain the complex and wonderful world that we live in and found that many of our industrial relics sit within our countryside, unexplained and decaying. She feels like the inspiration that these structures can convey is increasingly overshadowed by the many commercial ventures of our age. So after project managing Grace’s Guide – an online reference tool for industry in the UK, she set about creating a successful exploration guide and preservation hub – GooseyGoo.

Maryann writes. She thinks and writes. She reads, thinks and writes. She is constantly networking and researching archaeological assessments online and trawling through past-publications of society newsletters, so that you don’t have to. She loves it, so that’s okay! She is excellent with photo imaging software and has a knack with the camera herself, so supplies many of the images for GooseyGoo. She designs the overall direction for the website and long-term vision for the project. She has an endless enthusiasm for recording and promoting industrial heritage and time for anybody who has even the slightest notion of interest!

Sean Croft 1Sean Croft (Legend)

Technical Wizard

Sean has 20+ years experience within the IT, Graphic, Web Design, Web Hosting Industry and can work out how to do pretty much anything website-related. He honed his skills with the Ordnance Survey, RTZ and Carnon Consolidated (mining industry). But most incredibly, he is a trained Industrial Geologist and graduated from the mighty Camborne School of Mines (CSM) – he basically makes mince meat of Mineralogy.

Sean was literally stolen fresh from the clutches of the Trevithick Society (an organisation specialising in Cornwall’s Industrial Heritage). While GooseyGoo on one hand is in awe of the Trevithick Society, it is un-ashamedly delighted to have Sean onboard #SorryNotSorry. Seriously though, check out the Trevithick Society, Sean did a great job there –  Trevithick Society website.

You may acquire Sean’s wizardry by contacting him through his business – Shokku™

But GooseyGoo would be nothing without you!

GooseyGoo is a collaborative mapping project and the list of contributors is growing! – to be a contributor, just…


Meet The Contributors!

ContributorNumber of sites
Stephen Attenborough75
Geoff in Blackpool16
Matthew Emmott9
Angus Townley8
Dominic Sheldon4
Em Halforbes4
Brian Pierce2
Charlecote Mill1
Claire Furminger1
North Leverton Windmill1
Kevin Haito1
V Chartung1
Emma J Stew1
Tabitha Runacres1
Mill Ken1
Mary Mills1
KTM Colin1
Ellie Swinbank1
Gary Brown1
Sebastian Graham1
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