Black Dog Shaft – Wheal Busy Chacewater, Cornwall, UK
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Site Type : Relic
Category : Engine House, Mining, Shaft
Industry : Mining - (Metalliferous) Iron, Copper, Tin etc
Access : Unknown
Condition : Ruins and Remnants

Wheal not so busy?! Although part of an extremely productive mining sett, this particular shaft saw little action.

This pumping engine house was built in 1872, but the engine never made it into the engine house and the mine closed in 1873. The engine was eventually broken up for scrap next to the engine house.

The engine house was all but destroyed by US marines as demolition practice prior to the D-Day landings.

Now, the remaining walls are most precarious and crumbling away.

In terms of mineralogy, the site was mined for Copper, Tin and Arsenic. The mines of Wheal Busy were located on “the richest square mile on Earth”. During its life it produced over 100,000 tons of copper ore, and 27,000 tons of arsenic.

No activities or facilities
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Raw and sore, but hauntingly beautiful.

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