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The Enderby Group seeks to preserve Enderby House on the Greenwich Peninsula and to publicise and record the telecoms and cable-making heritage of Enderby Wharf and Greenwich, south east London.

Described as one of the saddest sights on Greenwich’s Thames Path, left vandalised and wrecked, neglected by developers who don’t seem to have a clue what to do with it.

This is where the world’s first telegraph cables were made, with work still taking part in a small corner of the site. Without Enderby House, there may well have been no phones, and no internet. It’s a hugely-overlooked piece of local history.

The Enderby Group wants to preserve the cable-laying gear and Enderby House as the birthplace of the international communications revolution.

Please get in touch if you’d like to help.

The house has been in a mess for over three years – now a group of locals are taking action.

It is the site of the long-delayed cruise liner terminal, although much of the recent action on the site has been to build homes, presumably as quickly as possibly before the property bubble bursts.

“There is no clear plan for Enderby House, a listed building, and the future of the cable-loading gear that sits on the riverside is also unclear. For more than a century cable made here in Greenwich was loaded directly onto the cable-laying ships on that jetty”, says Alan Burkitt-Gray.


The group has a website,

They have also produced a leaflet explaining more about the history of Enderby House and why it should be preserved and celebrated.

Things you can do to help are:

Like their Facebook group and follow them on Twitter!

Contact the local councillors for the Peninsula Ward of the Royal Borough of Greenwich: Steve Brain, Denise Scott-McDonald and Chris Lloyd, at the Town Hall, Wellington Street, London SE18 6PW.

A list of all Greenwich councillors can be found HERE!

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