Finding a job in the industrial heritage arena just got easier! The working in heritage map shows organisations that will have volunteering opportunities and perhaps job vacancies.

Browse the information below to become inspired, gain new skills or to find a delicious new career!

Typical Job Roles
  • Heritage Manager

    So, it’s your job to keep things running smoothly. Good with money and people, you will understand and maintain the overall vision for the project. Most of all, you must love what you are caring for and listen to your team. You will have to be armed with any knowledge that may jeopardise or propel the venture.

  • Industrial Archaeologist

    Is there any better job than this? You get access, high vis and a trowel as a minimum! A meticulous attitude and considerable knowledge are required to get this gig. You will rub shoulders with the greats and unearth the hidden treasures of human industrial endeavours. Study, specialise, then start an apprenticeship.

  • Conservation Architect

    To consolidate, repair or reconstruct structures requires meticulous research and planning. You will have to understand the site and the traditional materials as well as keep abreast with modern alternatives. You will also be called upon to design new futures for industrial sites, so their fate may rest in your hands!

  • Heritage Consultant

    A project manager with a twist; you will advise with your considerable knowledge and experience on how to deal with planning and legal issues as well as know all the relevant facts! You will have to be an academic, a lawyer, an historian, an architect and planning officer all in one! What a glorious job!

  • Historian

    As a lover of industrial history that has naturally adopted a specialist subject, you will be adept at verifying facts and delving deeper than most. You will be required to provide factual information with references and to substantiate claims. You will be needed by consultants and curators alike. A rare, but delightful job!

  • Fundraising Manager

    You will be brimming with enthusiasm and have a natural ability to socialise. The fundraiser must dream up events and execute them successfully.You must create an overall strategy that requires technical documents for winning grants and the knowledge to implement long term legacy and crowd-funding plans.

  • Structural Engineer

    Our crumbling built heritage needs a skillful appraisal and not just by anybody! You will need knowledge, experience and qualifications, but it’s worth it. Your reports will constitute an essential part of any conservation plan. You may work with architects and conservationists to deliver the project safely.

  • Conservator

    You are the jewel in the crown. What you manage to achieve by patiently applying your skills will endure for generations. You will need to have a genuine passion for protecting relics and natural artistic or creative abilities. Techniques will vary widely and often be bespoke to the challenge at hand.

  • Digital Archivist

    Like a modern day librarian, you will need an innate passion for prose and an eye like a hawk. Your ability to spot an error from twelve paces will see you through acres of proof reading and verification. Seems like a drag, but it is addictive and hugely satisfying! Preserving information and making it available for all – lovely!

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Your emphasis is upon reaching the audience and being beautiful about it! Tasteful and informative artwork will work wonders for the project and they need you! You will need to be a whizz on computers and a bit of a wordsmith as well. You will have to converge a range of ideas into a single concept.

  • Museum Curator

    If you love knowledge, then this role could be for you! Share your enthusiasm and inspire others with your creative exhibits, pamphlets and articles. You will have some conservation and preservation duties as well as the odd catalogue to write, but these quiet times will be punctuated with group presentations.

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    Managing a work party is not easy, but it can be fun! Keep everybody safe and informed! Volunteering is a great way to get involved and charities rely on a smooth operation to gain a good reputation. However, perhaps more importantly, the volunteers need to benefit the project, so a natural training ability is essential.

Paths to Employment
  • Volunteering

    Think local. What relics are near you that you are interested in? Guaranteed they would be grateful for your assistance!

  • Qualifications

    Whether by distance learning or apprenticeship, there is a lot to learn and you have to start somewhere!

  • Training Days

    Bite-sized learning can be more affordable and achievable if you already lead a busy life!

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