The Sliabh Aughty Furnace Project (pronounced ‘Slief Auktie’) aims at preserving, researching and spreading the information on the history of the iron industry in northeast Co. Clare."In the 17th century, the western shores of Lough Derg had high quality iron ore and vast amounts of wood, mostly oak, it quickly attracted the newly arrived Protestant planters. They introduced a technology never seen before in Ireland: the blast furnace. At least eight furnaces were active in the area between Tuamgraney, Feakle and Woodford between the early 17th century and 1750. These had a lasting effect on the landscape; as the furnaces needed upto one hectare of mature woodland per day. The local woods were decimated! Places like Scarriff, Whitegate and Woodford all own their current existence to these ironworks." – from the website! The people behind this brilliance are: Paul Rondelez, Gerrard Madden and Ewelina Rondelez!For their Facebook Page click HERE!For their Website click HERE!